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The past few days have been pretty frantic for Mark van Jaarsveld and I – as we have been putting together a sister Blog to Culture Spain about Spanish wine and food. This is now in action and already has a lot of relevant and fascinating content about the wines of Spain.

You may well ask what Mark and I know about Spanish wine and food?

Well, quite a lot, in the case of Mark van Jaarsveld, who is more than just an Internet guru – he is also a terrific Cordon Bleu cook.  However, the same cannot be said for me.  Indeed, my wife claims that, after eight years in the same house, I am still unsure of where the kitchen is located.  Indeed, she says that my attitude to food is positively biblical – in the sense that I always seem to expect something delious to appear, miraculously, at exactly the right time.

There may be a grain of truth in what my wife says about our kitchen (if it truly exists?) but I have never experienced problems finding our wine store nor a corkscrew.  Unfortunately, this hardly qualifies me to write about wine – let alone Spanish wine.

So, you will be relieved to know that the Posts on our wine and food site will not be written by me – but by Andrew Linn, a writer well known for the extraordinary depth of his knowledge about Spanish wine.     

In fact, Andrew has lived in Spain for the past forty years, speaks Spanish fluently and, at one time, was himself a wine merchant.  He knows the Spanish wine industry intimately, has written about it for ages and and has watched closely as the dynamic and byzantine Spanish wine industry has developed over the past fifty years. 

The wonderful thing about Andrew is that not only does he really know his subject – he is absolutely passionate about it.  This passion vibrates through his articles and makes for terrific reading!

I have to say that one of the things that I really enjoy about Andrew Linn’s writing is the marvellous perspective he brings to the wines of Spain.  Andrew knows his history and he has been everywhere in Spain, from when Franco was in power to now.  He is never short of an anecdote, wonderfully irreverent, always fun and has a rare gift for trenchant and astute observations!

So, if you like Spanish wine and if you want to know more about the wines of Spain then have a look at our Spanish wine and food Blog.  Andrew will help you to know what to buy, what to drink with what and where to get it – along with telling you the real story behind the wines.   

I think you will delighted (and excited) by the sheer breadth of what Andrew covers and that you will feel instantly safe within the hands of a true master of Spanish wines…

RELEVANT INFO:  About Andrew Linn and Spanish Wine and Food Blog

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