Friday, April 10, 2009

The Wonders of Correos

At 2.15 on Wednesday the post office delivered a card to me that I had two letters to pick up and I needed to go around to the local Post Office to pick them up, however I could not do it until the next day as it closed at 2.30. So yesterday morning I went to the post office on the off chance it might be open as most shops opened in the morning, to get them. I was half expecting it to be closed but not really expecting the note on the door which basically said that the next time they were open would be Tuesday (If they can be bothered). So Thursday is not a holiday in Catalunya, which was useful to know, Friday is a holiday everywhere and here's the biggie, Saturday isn't a holiday but "We will not be opening anyway". Sunday is Sunday, Monday is a holiday in certain parts of Spain, Valencia included, and then they will reopen for business on Tuesday.

So if I want to send a letter, which in these days of email is improbable but possible, even if I post it the letter would still not move until Tuesday morning when they would be so overwhelmed that it will inevitably get lost in the system

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