Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lotteries in Spain

Are a huge business. ONCE which is the national organisation for the blind and has a daily lottery, you see their sellers strategically positioned all over Spain every day, is the second biggest company in the country I think. There are a proliferation of them and it is best to know exacly what you are buying and where to find the results.

Here is a guide to all of the Spanish lotteries that you may find useful, very long but it will help you sort out where your money goes.

Sometimes of course your money doesn't go. On the Euromillones two weeks ago the two winners of the biggest prize were in Spain getting 15 million Euros each, and one of them lives in Lliria just up the road from here. The big question now of course is who is it and who is conspiculously consuming in Lliria during "La Crisis"?

Meanwhile here is a great story from a few months ago about a lottery salesman I wanted to find the story about the blind lottery seller who drove 40 miles to his position every day for about ten years as he knew the route like the back of his hand (Not very well as he was blind!) until he was suspended but that was pre Google I think so I cannot find it.

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