Friday, April 10, 2009

120000 Euros in Casinos

If you want to get away from it all then you could do worse than these two houses. There is not really a main house as both are around 90-100m2 with terraces adding another 50m2. There is a huge 12000m2 plot with over 90 olive trees, carob and fruit trees abound too.

The first house is a three bedroomed place with all the rooms coming off the living room. there is also a large living room, kitchen and bathroom. The covered terrace at the front is large and shady. Electric is provided from a generator and solar panels.

The second house is a four bedroom place again with living room, kitchen, bathroom and this time a hall because not all of the rooms come from the living room.

The houses are set a kilometre away from the tarmac and 5km out from Casinos in a very scenic area that is totally quiet. All you will hear are the sound of birds around you really.

Water is what falls although the current owners have an agreement with the next door neighbour to supply water from the pipes he has. There is a small raised pool and also a medium sized one which is currently used as a water deposit. Full of opportunities to spend relaxing time in the countryside just 35 minutes from Valencia and the airport this is a place that is for relaxing. I am not going to say it has all mod cons but it has the essential elements for living and you could even become self sufficient here. The houses are fully legalised too.

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