Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One of the Loudest Nights Ever

And no it was not fireworks. Spring has not yet sprung in Valencia, unless you consider Valencia as the new Green Coast thanks to all the rain and the blossoms being out on all the trees more than usual. But what spring usually means in Valencia is sunny weather, gradually rising temperatures and most of all pavement cafes for the ealry morning, mid morning and mid afternoon coffees. Usually everyone looks for the shady cafes under trees, in the shadow of buildings etc... This year inside is the new black as the outside seats are generally wet and cool.

So what happened last night I hear you ask? A thunderstorm, and a big one at that, accompanied by pebble sized hailstones. I have not been out yet but wouldn't be surprised to see damaged cars today as well as plastic garden furniture and the like. And it is also loud even now at 9 in the morning as I am given the smell of England, our gardener is going round the garden cutting wet grass with the loudest lawnmower in the world.

Image taken from the blog here which has some beautiful photos

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