Thursday, April 23, 2009

Budget Blues

So after the budget in the UK when are you moving abroad? It seems that the news channels this morning only have comments from people who have already left the country or now plan to leave the country. So is Spain one of the destinations for you and why?

If you are thinking of moving to Spain looking for work then unless you have specialist knowledge or can work from anywhere then forget it. Unemployment is due to hit over 20%, 1 in 5 people by the end of this year and already in the Andalucia unemployment is 21.2%. If you are one of the high earners targetted by the budget yesterday and you want to look at possibilities think about the following.

1) Is it possible to retire early to a country where the cost of living is less?
2) Can you work remotely? (If you don't know what this is then look at this book which may well be a revelation for you)

3) What plans do you need to make before your move to Spain?
4) How do you plan to fund yourself once you get here?
5) What do you want from your life? (Does the daily grind really depress you and is it possible to spend a couple of years out of that rat race before getting back on the treadmill?)

Spain is an option if you come with your eyes wide open. Nobody is going to promise you that it will be easy and that you will get a massive salary working just three hours in the morning while you sunbathe away the afternoon unless you already have a life that allows you that 3 hour day. However you have to realise that life can be different. How different do you want your life to be?

How can you do this. Well there are many ways. You need to start creating different streams of income now. If you can build up your residual income before you move then the pressure to quickly find your niche in Spain can be reduced. There are various ways of doing this.

a) Learn a new skill. Earning on the internet is a possibility. Try this course for starters
b) You Must begin to learn Spanish. "The best online beginner's course is probably this "
c) You might want to try out Network Marketing of a product. Try this one. They give you leads and it is very low cost

If you come well prepared then you may well be able to live a comfortable lifestyle in Spain. Join the others asking for information here who are all starting to look at alternatives to live a better life.

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