Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Question Well Answered

I put a question up on Linkedin, if you don't know it it is a sort of grown up Facebook! Here it is;

What is the single most important thing that an estate agent can do to attract you to purchase a property?

Anyway I had some great answers but one stood out because it meant research not just a gut feeling. It came from Colin Gorvett and this was the answer.

"I asked this question of my office this morning; and the top 5 things they believed their clients (purchasers) required of them were:
1. Positive/reassuring attitude
2. Knowledge - of the market, neighbourhood, and industry
3. Interest in the purchaser and their needs
4. Understanding of the possibilities and options of improvement to a property
5. Punctuality and respect of the client"

Colin has a real estate agency in Cape Town, South Africa being a Consultant at PRO-PROP Property Consultants. He shares with me, and it seems his office does too, the ethos that we have here. First seek to understand the needs of the client and then work from there to help as much as possible.

With all the negativity associated with being an estate agent it is good to know that others see things in the same way. To see all of the answers go here

Thanks a lot Colin and hopefully if anyone who reads this blog is coming your way they will keep you in mind. Here is Colin's link
PRO-PROP Property Consultants Cape Town
PRO-PROP is an innovative property consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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