Monday, September 15, 2008

Must know info taken from The Times

The article copied below from the Times newspaper is useful to know especially if you already have a house bought through us or other agents in the past. For people wishing to purchase now it is also useful to know if you are not going to be resident.

The document is easy to get hold of but if you receive a letter informing you of your need to produce it then make sure you plan a quick getaway so you can get yourself down to the ploice station and get it or if you have Powers of Attorney with a lawyer make sure that the lawyer does it for you.

All clients of Valencia Property who have a mortgage have this document as a matter of course as it is a requirement for opening a bank account and the bank itself asked for it before.

"Owners of Spanish property could lose their homes if they fail to produce new identification documents proving their non-resident status.

Britons who use their overseas accounts to pay for their Spanish mortgages and essentials such as utility services and council taxes, have been required by Spanish banks to produce a residence certificate or “Residencia” since March last year.

Failure to produce the new documents could result in bank accounts being frozen and mortgage repayments stopped.

However, some Spanish banks have failed to contact homeowners or given short notice to produce the papers.

One reader, Simon Wells, 52, from Walthamstow, east London, said that on August 15 he was told by his Spanish bank, Cajamar, to produce the documents by September 15.

“This is not easy to do as you have to register in person at a Spanish police station and then have it stamped by a town hall official. We were warned our account could be frozen.”

The requirement is part of an EU initiative to crack down on tax dodgers. Spanish residents are taxed at source, so to avoid paying tax there you have to prove non-residence status.

Britons — there are about 145,000 with bank accounts and properties in Spain, said broker Savills Private Finance — have to declare gains made in Spanish bank accounts to the UK taxman.

You qualify for non-resident status in Spain if you spend fewer than 180 days a year in the country and are able to produce the new document.

Anyone who bought a property before the new rules came into effect may be asked by their Spanish bank to produce the Residencia. Those who bought property after they were introduced will have been told of the requirement.

Residence certificates include your name, address, nationality, date of registration and the “Numero de Identificacion de Extranjeros”, a tax number for foreigners in Spain.

The Spanish Tourism Office said: “If you have a Spanish property, and have not been asked to produce this document, I suggest you contact your bank directly.”

Homeowners can contact the Spanish Ministry of the Interior’s immigration directorate helpline for more advice on 00 34 91 363 9071.

To apply for the non-residency certificate you usually need to go in person to the Oficina de Extranjeros or police station in your province of residence.

The document costs about €10-€13, although if you go through a lawyer you may have to pay more than ¤120 (£97.20)."

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