Friday, September 26, 2008

Art Exhibition in Barcelona tonight

If you happen to be around Barcelona you can go to a great exhibition this evening of work by Lynda Cookson and you can also meet a load of Catalan based Ecademists. Here is what Simon Harris says about the meeting.

Ecademy Catalunya is having its first meet-up at Sala Barna, C/ Sant Eusebi, 57 at 8pm on Friday 26th September. Lynda Cookson is holding an exhibition of her scrumptious paintings there, and although it's a bit early for this part of the world, the gallery closes (in theory) at 9pm, so we need to get together before then. The idea is a meet-up and not a meeting, so it's going to be informal and relaxed.

So a good chance to see a great exhibition, have a good chinwag and get to know a bit of Barcelona that maybe you wouldn't otherwise without a local guide.

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