Sunday, June 03, 2007

Trevor McDonald

Absolutely shocking programme from Trevor Mc this week. Shocking in the sense of badly done, badly researched and badly presented with laughable conclusions.

To cut to the quick, the market has definitely slowed down and those looking to make a quick buck may well be stung as prices off plan don't rise as they were promised by the promotors. Bear in mind that profits from these flips are usually promised in B money so we don't touch them really.

Nevertheless, let's look at the actual situation. If you have bought a legal property from a reputable source in a good area then you really have got not much to worry about apart from learning the language because life is still good in Spain, even if more expensive than a few years back, the sun still shines, the quality of life is unbelievable if you like Menus of the Day at 7-12 Euros, cheap fresh produce in season, fantastic blue flag beaches (Both Malvarrosa and Cabañal in Valencia have just been awarded the accolade this week for the first time, great public transport at cheap prices (You can get to these beaches from outlying towns on the metro in less than an hour for the price of a couple of beers)and a thriving cultural and sporting life, Levante stayed up and Valencia will be in the Champion's League next season. Take the long view, relax with a Sangria and live a much higher quality of life in a much more relaxed atmosphere. If it means that only those who really want to live in Spain will come here through programmes like this then so much the better.

So from Valencia, home of the America´s Cup, a new Grand Prix, the best Millenium Project in the World and the place considered to be the best place i the World to live by the World Health Organisation goodnight and hope to see you soon.

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