Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer is Here

I have still not ventured into the pool but a first visit to the beach now confirms that summer is here. The longest day is next week after all. The mercury is rising and Valencia is preparing itself for the America's Cup Final between Alinghi the hosts and New Zealand the challengers. I am not going to try and drum up too much enthusiasm, after all it is yachting, but the words of Bertorelli, the boss of Alinghi, this week suggest that he thinks he is more important than the rest of the Valencia economy. He said that it is not guaranteed that the next trophy will be in 2009 even if Alinghi wins and then it might not even stay in Valencia, after promising this for a very long time through Bonnefus his acolyte and head of ACM, America's Cup Management. The reason. It is not ideal having a commercial port next to the bases! Obviously not but then again they might have noticed it before. Could it be that they have had an offer they cannot refuse from Dubai? At least he did say that taking it back to New Zealand is commercial suicide. With Ecclestone confirming the formula one racing here for eight years around the port you can be sure that the local politicians will have taken the hint and will do their utmost to try to convince them to stay in whatever way they can but moving the commercial port!!! The route to the World for Valencian ceramics and other products? If they listen they are bigger doormats than they have already proved themselves to be. But then again money talks.

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