Thursday, June 28, 2007

Castellon is Different

The following article has been written by my colleague Simon who lives and works around Castellón. Have a look and if you want to know more information then get in touch and we will put you through to Simon, an expert in the area.

"Seriously Spanish.........

Do you want crowded beaches, identikit apartments, fish and chips, dodgy builders and even dodgier agents as part of your future home in Spain? If so, don't read on! Spain and the property front have been getting bad press recently for a wide number of reasons but I think it is only fair to take up Graham's gauntlet (See and say something positive and inspiring about Spain. I have been here 17 years and am still under forty (just) so I think I have the authority to share the following views and experiences....

I live in the province of Castellon and although there are some unwelcoming things happening to the north of Oropesa, Marina D'Or comes to mind, fortunately not all is like that and the province is still unscarred by “Benidormitis”. I invite you to go inland where there is outstanding countryside, masias and land to be found and renovated for the same price as a rabbit hutch on the beach. Castellon is the second most mountainous region in Spain and there really are some breathtaking views to be seen and there is a slow trickle of British discovering that now. What is more, there is a style of village life to be found that has long since disappeared in England...

If you take up the following recommendations, you could indeed find that ultimate place in the sun or is that Location, Location???....

Most people buy with such care in England and then get on a plane to Spain and either leave their common sense at Heathrow or the sun addles their brain once they are here...

My advice is the following :

Caution and research!
Use respectable and experienced agents (not someone you meet in a bar looking to make a quick buck!)
Always take legal advice (clear title deeds are essential)
Use local builders or those with lots of experience and great recommendations (they have the know-how and contacts).
Check building regulations
Rent a place in the area for a while to get a feel of the place if needs be, after all, it is a big move!
Make an effort to fit in!!!!!

Rural Spain is a great experience if you use your common sense and the advice above and I can assure you that you will not regret it. Get in touch with me, we can have some wine and you can just ask away. How good does that sound???

For more information on this area, just get in touch with Graham and he will put you through to me"


Hopefully you like the article. The accompanying photos are from Vall D'Alba as little town there called Villafames. The last picture I chose because it features a bull run and a Liverpool top!

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