Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Weather and a Strange Agent

Last Sunday I was doing some furniture removal and it was 35 degrees C out there. Yesterday and today the temperature is just nudging 13 degrees and we have now had three days of much needed rain. The grey skies are not putting off potential purchasers in the region though and we had a strange case here this week.

Tim took a client out to see a duplex flat in Valencia yesterday. He had already been out with another unnamed agent the previous day who told him more or less that the only place to buy in the city is the Carmen as all other areas are dangerous or falling in price. Absolute rubbish of course. We think that the agent is one of those who only has properties in one Barrio of the city, in this case the Carmen of course, and so rubbishes all other parts. Anyway, what he had been shown was rubbish compared with what we managed to show him. Attached are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy of the duplex with two outside patios at 450000 Euros ONO.

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