Thursday, November 23, 2006

Urbe Desarrollo

The biggest Real Estate Fair in the Mediterranean started today in Valencia. Urbe Desarrollo brings together all of the offers from the biggest promotors of properties on the coast from Malaga to Castellon and beyond borders to the Caribbean and South America this year.

Golf dominated. The number of artificial holes placed strategically nearby to pneumatic hostesses to get your interest in the product was amazing. I counted over 30 stands dedicated to golf developments most of them here in Valencia but also including Polaris World, a development in the Dominican Republic and too many others to count. There tends to be a sheeplike mentality amongst the promotors about what people want, (Last years event had a few golf developments but I do not remember anything close to this year, and not many will deny that a villa or good apartment overlooking rolling green fields dotted with the odd really badly dressed octogenarian pushing a trolley of hugely expensive pieces of metal designed to propel a small white object into a hole in the ground is easy on the eye). However the issue was how many of the projects had final approval, not many. The water question is now a very big deal.

Many promotors seem to be panicking because they are being forced to pay higher land prices and therefore cannot shift the product as fast as in the past. Therefore there were offers galore from 300 Euros down and 300 Euros pcm until completion, with that scheduled for 18 months down the line, to draws for cars, free furniture to put in the flats, High Definition TV´s, 3000 Euros discounts, 6000 to spend at the Corte Ingles etc... Really if they concentrated on quality build, favourable payment terms, location and value for money they would have much less of a problem moving their offers. Gimmicks are all well and good but in the end the development has to be worth the investment when you are buying off plan unless this is intended to be the final home as opposed to a temporary bolthole. At Valencia Property we listen to our clients and find them exactly what they want whether it be investment potential, buying into a lifestyle concept or developing a career. Try us out on that point.

We have picked up only the developments that offer something different to the norm and in this we have gone for Brazil, the Caribbean, (these both complement the ongoing projects we have in Argentina) , Loft developments and central Valencia flat developments along with one of the golf developments which although still pending final approval seems to be the most ecologically viable.

You will see some of these things appear on the site opver the next few weeks as we roll out the offers to complement our carefully chosen already exisiting property portfolio. The new sections on the website will make Valencia Property open up to new areas and grow organically whilst still maintaining tight quality control and a friendly local face.


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