Sunday, November 26, 2006

Urbe Desarrollo 2

I again went to Urbe Desarrollo today to see a couple of things which I missed on Thursday. Much more of the same. To see the scope of some of the projects just look at the photos of the stands. These companies put a lot of money into promoting what they offer.

Today I picked up a luxury development in Siete Aguas with prices starting from 540000 Euros for delivery in three years time around a golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones. The houses are designed with energy efficiency, environmental quality and design as a premium. The top of the range houses will have five bedrooms, three suites, spa, sauna, infinity pools, geothermal heating systems, and even panic rooms for those with a tendency to jump at the sound of a sliced golf shot. The course will be watered by recycled water from all of the estates in the immediate vicinity so doesn't have the problems associated with many of these top end developments. A totally gated community just twenty five minutes from Valencia. The price of one of the top of the range places, a cool 1.2 million euros off plan. These are evidently aimed at the top end of the buying market and they are making a play for the disenchanted Marbella set

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