Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Weather

The Autumn has finally arrived then. Rain for the last few days and today it's the proverbial cats and dogs. Hopefully this will top up the reservoirs a bit and we can start thinking that so many golf courses might not be such a bad idea.
Attached are a couple of photos,, our lemon tree with rain dripping from the lemons and a nice view of the Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia as dusk falls.

As for photographing houses until the weather gets a bit better we will not be posting too many more. However here is a cheap place up in Gatova that we have at 144000 Euros that may interest somebody who wants a place they can close up and come back to without having to do the garden. Shared pool and tennis court, in the mountains, three beds and two bathrooms with excellent little mountain village less than a kilometre walk away.

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