Sunday, November 19, 2006

Valencia in November and Holidays in Spain

Valencia is now getting cooler at night so the central heating has now been put on standby. The days are sunny and warm with the temperature around 23 degrees during the day.

The run up to Christmas in Valencia more or less starts now, a bit earlier than last year and a bit later than next year. It used to be that Christmas preparations started after the Puente in December when the whole of Spain stops from the 6th to the 8th of December, along with its associated weekend, extra day to meet the weekend etc... In effect Valencia is one of the many places in Spain that stops virtually completely to all intents and purposes from the 6th of December to the 6th of January the following year, ie; Kings Day, otherwise known as epiphany. (Accompanying picture)

Holidays in Spain are one of the big boons of living here as they are still largely respected unlike Bank Holidays in the UK. Also there are lots of them with individual towns and regions having them and they are allied to their national holidays. When you bear in mind the bridge days to meet the weekend when the holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, then you have a lot of free time in Spain and it is because of this that people work until 8pm every day (Although some do still have the long siesta break in the middle of the day even though the traditional siesta is largely ignored at least in the Valencia region. People use it to do the shopping and eat)

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