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Summer holidays Spain: what to do and where to go!


Summer holidays Spain: what to do and where to go!



If you are not living in Spain then you are probably now thinking about booking your summer holidays in Spain – and already dreaming about blue skies, warm water and two weeks of al fresco life!

Well, if you are, then you may be interested in Spain Travel which is a Culture Spain site that we have set up to provide information about holidays in Spain, whether beach holidays, cultural tours or activity holidays.

Spain Travel aims to look objectively at all types of travel in Spain, together with assessing a cross section of holiday destinations in Spain.  Equally, we shall be investigating what you should do to maximise your holiday in Spain – from choosing flights to Spain through to making sure that you find the best deals and accommodation available.

So, for example, recently we have Posted articles about the critical factors to look for before you book up a holiday villa in Spain or a holiday apartment in Spain.  Some of these factors may seem a little obvious – but you would be amazed by how often people coming for their summer holidays in Spain are disappointed by their accommodation.



Needless to say, unsatisfactory holiday accommodation can really damage a holiday – and yet it can be so easily avoided, if you know what to look for (before you book anything!).  The same is true of particular areas (see: 10 factors that make a great beach area), some of which lack all of the factors that contribute to making summer holidays in Spain the joyous times that they can, and should, be.

We shall also be keeping you up to date with information about holiday villas in Spain and beach apartments in Spain that we feel look good value.  This you should find interesting, as there is a tremendous range of holiday accommodation in Spain – providing you with virtually every possible type of holiday at a selection of (often) competitive prices.

Certainly, Spain (with its 50 million plus!) tourists annually is one of the great tourist destinations of the world – and justifiably so!  It may be most famous for its fabulous beaches and nightlife but that is only a part of Spain.  There is also good skiing, great climbing, spectacular scenery, terrific water sports, fine horse riding, historic cities, fascinating museums, lovely food, tantalising bodegas…

Something for everyone!

In fact, Spain does not not just have ‘something for everyone’ but also something for everyone all year round.  Superb opportunities exist for anyone able to come to Spain out of season.  It is then that you can often enjoy fabulous weather (often even in the middle of winter!), whilst obtaining quite amazing deals on accommodation and flights to Spain!



As always with Culture Spain, we shall be providing you with fine writing combined with objective advice and proper research.  This should complement our other sites at Spain food and wine (a professional wine critics views), Spain property (for bargain Spanish properties) and Spain football (our professional football agent’s often controversial Blog).

So, if you have a moment and are thinking of your summer holidays in Spain – then do drop into Travel Spain.  I think you will find it worthwhile and it may just help you to make your next holiday in Spain really exceptional!

Finally, if you have something to say about Spain and holidays here or flights to Spain (any hard earned tips!) – then do contact us and give us your thoughts and opinions.  We love great writing and we always welcome well written and authoritative articles…

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