Saturday, January 29, 2011

Betera 390000 Euros Reduced By 280K 8 Bedrooms, Licence in Place for Small Hotel

Some people pay for making a bad decision, I know I have in the past and this house is one of those. Not the house itself you understand, it is on the best estate in Betera (For best read most expensive) However the owner rejected an offer of 600k in 2008 for this property because he was asking 670K. Now he is asking just 390k a drop of 280k on the original asking price, a sign that he wants to sell pretty badly.

So what do you get fro your money, 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, licence to operate as a guest house, two living rooms, two kitchens, open and covered terraces, large swimming pool, barbecue area, on one of the best estates around. The downside, you might want to replace some of the concrete with more gardens, the outside isn't the prettiest in the World but that is easily remedied and the upstairs needs a new kitchen probably. 

However for a bargain property in Betera you couldn't ask for much more for your money being just a short walk into town and walking distance to the 27 hole golf course at El Escorpion, the spa hotel with its gym club and horse riding clubs. Well worth a look and perfect for bigger families as the upstairs and downstairs are separate.














Bedroom 2


Dining Area


Living Room




Sitting Aea




Hallway Piano




Bathroom 2


Bedroom 3


Bedroom 8


Bedroom 6


Living room 2


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