Sunday, February 08, 2009

What you are not Looking For

If you listen to almost all of the news and views spread about the World economy at the moment there is nothing but doom, gloom and despondency. However what you are not seeing is what the news agencies, papers, TV and people in influential positions do not want you to se. Business is still happening, people are still buying and as Richard Branson said in Davos last week, fortunes will be made in the current crisis. Just to illustrate that point, watch the video and see what you make of it. It has nothing to do with Valencia property, houses for sale in Spain or anything of the sort but you might well get the point.

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  1. As those from God's Chosen County (AKA Yorkshire) would say, "There's nowt sa queer as folk" Yes, fortunes are and will be made ...but I don't expect Branson needs me agreeing with him!


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