Friday, February 06, 2009

Telefonica Doing My Head in Again

I have a new client here for Valencia Property at the moment and I am setting up everything for them including a phone line. I asked for it 10 days before they arrived and now they have been here for five, still no phone line. So for the last four days I have been ringing Telefonica. I have a business line so i have to ring from that. This connects me up automatically with the Negocios (Business) section. The required line is a home phone, residential. Therefore they cannot help me, even though they can but more of that later, and they have to put me through to their residential section. What happens? The call gets cut off. So on the third day and on the point of throttling my phone, one of their operators tells me that oh yes we are having problems transferring calls from one department to the other. (Let me remind you at this point what Telefonica is, (THEY ARE A TELECOMS COMPANY) So they tell me to phone 1485 which leads me to exactly the same problem.

Anyway, today, the 4th day of my odyssey, I start getting really tired of them cutting me off and not calling to do the urgent installation, oh yes on Tuesday one of the operators who cannot do anything, did something and put an urgent request through to the residential section but that hasn't produced any result yet. So I stop the operator in mid flow and say
"Look, you are about to cut me off I need another number to ring"
"We don't have one but if you are asked for the number to type in when you ring up in the options type 999999999 and that will take you through to the residential area."

Just a couple of questions
1 Why didn't they tell me this five years ago never mind three days ago?
2 Why can't they patch a call through to their own offices?
3 Why are the a virtual bloody monopoly?

So I get through o the right department, result, and they ask me the obvious question,
"What, they haven't called you yet then?"
"Er no, if they had I wouldn't be ringing you"
"OK I will mark it down as urgent."

And so the story goes on. I just love Telefonica


  1. I would personally like to see telefonica hung out to dry. They are beyond useless, offer an appalling and overpriced service, and what totally cracks me up is whenever they ring me, the line is so bad I can't hear a word ...

    They are idiots who take three years to get out of bed in the morning and deserve their monopoly status to be recinded ....

    ......... allegedly ........

  2. All more or less true Amanda. I will have to go through more of the same if they haven't phoned me by 11 on Monday morning as my client needs the phone, yesterday


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