Monday, February 09, 2009

More on Telefonica

So today the person on the other end of the call centre line informed me that a technician had reported to them on the 27th of January that there was no adsl available in the area. Absolute rubbish from Telefonica as usual as the neighbour has adsl broadband. Not that any of their operatives had told me this last week i all of my calls of course.

So now I am travelling up there with a representative from Vodafone at 12pm to see if they have sufficient coverage for their dongle based system to work. Broadband speeds through the mobile.

Now the worst thing is that I also phoned a local Wimax company that are setting up in La Pobla at the moment and it just so happens that the woman I spoke to lives very near the house in question. She says that Telefonica do have broadband there but they haven't got enough capacity to provide it to the number of people who live there now and they are not willing to invest. I knew they have broadband in the area because I have 3 or 4 friends within a couple of hundred yards from this house and they all have adsl broadband.

I therefore asked to speak to someone in charge at the call centre to put in an official complaint and guess what, you can't, the complaints procedure is by fax.


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