Monday, September 21, 2009

Spanish TV and Much More

I know I am always banging on here about how you should learn Spanish before coming here or see and use more of it if you are already here but it is difficult mainly because Spanish TV is quite frankly rather rubbish. If you are in the UK then you can get TVEi on the Sky box, I think it is channel 805 but I could be wrong. But you cannot get 297 Spanish channels.

Now though you can through your PC or Mac. A huge selection of 3500+ channels of which the 297 from Spain include some of the big hitters. Click Here! for more information and for a one time fee you can get not only the Spanish channels but tons of others too.

Well worth a good look. The tendency to move away from the television into the PC or Mac for all your entertainment needs continues apace and remember you can actually connect your computer up to the TV for a bigger and better picture.

For more information about getting free satellite TV every month go to the link and have a look. It is well worth your while and equally you get a guarantee that if you are not satisfied your money back. Can't really go wrong there.

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