Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Book Fair and Meet The Teacher In Lliria on Saturday

For all of you near Valencia if you can make it on Saturday my wife is running two events. They are together so you don't need to go anywhere else. Firstly, we are going to have a meet the teacher and this is together with the book fair we are running.

Obviously we are very interested in promoting Usborne books because they complement the online reading course for children really well. Check out the site here (And if you are not in Valencia, or even Spain, you can order books directly from there too) However for the local people that are signed up for the course it is also an opportunity to get to know Lynne too and she will be explaining how the course can be used and how the books complement that but also answering any questions that may have come up so far.

If you are nearby and want to see Lynne and participate in the fair it is being held outside Spainsburys supermarket in Lliria If you have GPS then the address is Pza Jaime Roig 1, Marc Cornelli, Lliria.

Book Fair Special.
12 Phonics Books for the price of 4. We have 12 packs remaining of the Usborne First Phonics Series. 18 have been snapped up the first day!!

The book fair and meet the expert session will be from 10.30am-2.30pm depending on the weather and you are welcome to come and talk with Lynne.

If you cannot get there we will be holding a teleconference in October if there is interest so that parents can grill Lynne on all aspects of teaching their children to read and also ask questions about the process. We would like you to send questions in for this beforehand using the email address.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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