Monday, September 28, 2009

A Client's Business

One of my clients has started up a new coaching business and she wanted to help promote it here. Therefore I asked her to write a blog. You can see it below. If you have any comment on this particular post then please direct them straight to Tabitha on her numbers below or by mail. As this is a biz op I must do the usual disclaimers here, you must always do your own due diligence just as Tabitha did on any business before committing yourself to it.

Enjoy her blog

"I work with an international team of like minded people who have joined forces in 144 countries to date for the mutual benefit of all of us who are part of this company. The founders of this business have devised a simple 3 step system to create a six figure income in the first twelve months of business and a potential seven figure income by the second twelve months.

You will be shown how to use the now famous "Law Of Attraction" as recently described by Rhonda Burn in her best selling book "The Secret". The Law of Attraction has been written and spoken about by hundreds of Philosophers and countless authors through out the histories. The reason its coming out again now as "The Secret" is simply because for some reason we chose to take no notice of it until now. Having been rediscovered again we have decided to put "The Law Of Attraction" into full practice and most have achieved fulfilling changes beyond their wildest dreams.

You have the opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. The industry of Personal Development. This is a chance to join a powerful business which was valued at 14 billion US Dollars in the US alone last year.

Our business is NOT a Franchise business. It is NOT multi-level marketing neither is it pyramid selling.

It is a straight forward direct sales business with a proven 8 years history of complete success. It can be conducted from anywhere in the world. From your own home, in English and in Spanish.

It was clear to me from the outset that by using the products and the business module which is simply following the 3 step system, while following the full training and support at every step of the way. One could achieve financial freedom very quickly.

So if you are like me and want to bring financial freedom in your life and have the time to enjoy it. Then this is the business opportunity for you. There is no previous experience required. No travelling necessary. You will not have to persuade people to buy our products.... or conduct home parties!

I am looking for leaders. For smart motivated individuals who want to improve the quality their lives and their loved ones while making money. Because this is Personal Development, sound business ethics and integrity are of paramount importance.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to grab the opportunity to change your life for the better, to work with like minded people of very high integrity, get paid handsomely while making friends world wide. Then please call me Tabitha Lovelock on 961 982 698 or mobile 607 485 370 or by mail on or simply go to our website

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