Monday, December 29, 2008

Waiting for the right exchange rate

So many people getting in touch at the moment wanting to rent with an option to buy. Why? Well as mentioned in my last blog entry about the imperfect storm enveloping the market why buy if you are coming here from the UK when you can wait and maybe the pound will recover some of the lost ground and get back toards where it was earlier in the year, around 1.27 Euros to 1.30 Euros to the Pound? Now there is no guarantee it will although many "experts" feel that is where the sensible point is. However, the likelihood is that as soon as parity with the Euro is reached then hedge funds and speculators will stop betting against the pound as they have been doing and shift the momentum in the opposite direction.

Therefore we are getting more possiblities for renting into the site and some of the for sale houses are also available for rent. Get in touch and ask for more info on if you are unsure. Six month option contracts are becoming more and more prevalent. Make sure your contract protects your rights and gives you the right to buy without being gazumped when the right time to buy turns up.

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