Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Imperfect Storm

The market is a tad moribund at the moment. An imperfect storm is brewing. The reasons are as follows

1) Sterling has dropped from 1.47 to 1.06 Euros in just over a year.
2) Interest rates hit a peak of just over 5.7% in August meaning the revisions of peoples' mortgages were fixed for a year at 6.7%
3) Point 2 doesn't matter as banks are still not lending
4) Prices are falling so people generally will wait.
5) The UK market is moribund so people who want to buy cannot sell their place.
6) People believe fallacies like those reported by Trevor MacDonald and the Daily Mail.
7) Recession means that jobs are being shed just like the UK.

So in order to give you a reason to buy here we need to point out the lifestyle advantages, the excellent possibilities for starting up solid businesses, the cost of living which is still much lower than in the UK, the social factors affecting your life here, the availability of rentals with an option to purchase further down the line, possibly when sterling rebounds, and finally the fact that our prices are already dropped markedly, especially those being sold by English speaking clients because if they are selling to repatriate the money back to the UK they have dropped the price a lot so that for you in pounds it costs no more. Ask me for more info.

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