Thursday, October 09, 2008

Valencia International Fireworks Festival. Oct 8th 2008

Now in Valencia they do fireworks well. They do them often and probably most importantly they do them loud

Here is a little video of what can be achieved with a little imagination, a shedload of experience and an absolutely unlimited budget (despite the crisis).

Every year the international fireworks festival is one night starting at midnight and attracts thousands of people into the town and out onto their balconies to watch it. 8th October 2008 was one such night. This year they had an interloper from China and the local boy Caballer. If you are not that interested in fireworks and don't want to watch the whole ten minutes then just wait for You Tube to load (It will take time it is a big file) and watch the last 2 minutes. That is how to climax!!

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