Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is it me or is it getting busy here?

The last week has seen a rush of enquiries and interest in many properties from both a rental and a purchase viewpoint. Why is this? I have a few theories but my favourite might just well be the following. Are people in the UK now so sick and tired of hearing about the impending doom and gloom and how everything is going to be horrible for a couple of years that maybe they just want to step off the treadmill and experience something different for a while?

Spain will undergo a transition too of course, it is inately tied up in the World economy just like everywhere else but despite the last three weeks of rain, and today it is even drizzling which never happens here, the country, the people and the atmosphere always seem less oppressively depressing. Any ideas why? Are we all ostriches waiting for the nuclear winter of recession to freeze our upturned backsides?

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