Friday, April 06, 2007

Luxury in Puzol

Puzol is the place where most Valencians aspire to live. There are three estates there, Monasterios, Alfinach and Monte Picayo where prices dwarf other areas because of various factors, one is the ease of entry into Valencia, 15 minutes tops, secondly it is where the casino is and thirdly there are English and International schools for their children right on the doorstep. There are also excellent social clubs that are probably the best sports facilities in the area and 24 hour security so they feel secure. The houses are large, the plots big and the prices high.

Today we have taken on a house in Alfinach at 960,000 Euros which looks not much from the front but opens out into a huge living/dining area, good sized bedrooms and excellently maintained gardens. Look at the pictures and take a look at You Tube for some of the videos of this place. If you have the money, the inclination and the time come and see it and you will like it.

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