Friday, April 06, 2007

100th Post and Competition Time

As this is the 100th post placed on the blog of Valencia Property I have decided to run a competition. The prize is a lunch for four people at a local restaurant in May, or when you are here if you are searching for property still and are not here, along with the ebook "The Definitive Guide to Buying Property in Spain" written by me.

The winner will be picked from among the correct answers out of the hat by my nine month old so she can show no favoritism and the video of the draw will be posted on the site to make sure everything is ok and above board. Results will be posted on the blog site and main site too.

So the questions.

1) When was the book finished? (Look on the description on eBay to find out)
2) How many chapters are there in the book? (Ditto)
3) When was Valencia Property SL created?

Answers should be sent to before the 31st of April. If there are no correct answers, doubtful but you never know, then it will be rolled over into May!

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