Friday, August 10, 2012

Mike and Julie visit Valencia… and love it

What happens when someone comes to visit Valencia for the first time. (The surliness of the waiters must be a universal thing here) 


We don’t suffer from “Island Fever” which is where Lanzarote residents have a need to escape the island for a few days, however we do like to go exploring particularly other Canary Islands and the mainland of Spain. Normally we fly to Madrid for shopping and a big city experience, this time Valencia was calling as the F1 crew were in town for the Valencia Street Circuit race. We took advantage of a Ryanair offer securing flights for a total price of just over €100 including our residents discount, they would have been €50 but we included a suitcase which doubled the price. Hotel accommodation was proving expensive, rates were high for that particular weekend with even basic hostels charging over €100 per night. We found availability for a good price at the 4* Hotel Turia which was situated back from the coast, overlooking a park, next to the bus station and a metro station.

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