Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Review of the iPad Spanish Property Magazine

I am absolutely loving the reviews and feedback I am getting on the iPad Spanish Property Magazine. The latest mail I got was lovely so i thought I would reproduce some of it below:

"I have  had a look at the new magazine -"Well Done!!!"

Liked being able to view YouTube videos all in one spot, the presentation made sense as I moved through the magazine, the articles where interesting and the pictures/videos look so good on the iPad.

I was getting a little frustrated when I'd select a link that took me deeper into the magazine and then had flip back one page at a time to get back to where I was, THEN I FOUND, THE INSTRUCTIONS made it a lot easier. I keep telling myself to read instructions before I start something but foolishly, I rarely do.

Normally, I am not a big fan of Facebook, I just find Facebook pages way to busy, however, your link to Facebook took me to a page that actually works displays well, I liked it very much, I think it will be  a good source of info."

It goes on to give me some excellent suggestions for content for future issues and they will be put into place too. Thoughtful feedback is always appreciated and I love giving great information that people find useful too. 


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