Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New residency requirements in Spain: Order 1490 9 July 2012 | Legal, General, Relocation, Information and Family Advice Spain

Lisa at Family Life in Spain started a discussion in my Facebook group of writers and bloggers about Spain today when she found the latest rules for getting residency. Take a look at the article she has produced.

What is going on? Has the Spanish government totally lost the plot or does it have an ulterior motive? What is Spain’s future with regard to the eurozone?

As this is not our normal kind of blog post, you may well be wondering what has caused us to write like this, so let me explain.

Earlier today, we stumbled across an article published on the British Embassy Madrid website. This article is a translation of new residency requirements in Spain as published in the Spanish Order 1490 of 9 July 2012.

Read the rest at the link 


And in the end it all boils down to the following doesn't it?


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