Thursday, July 19, 2012

Building Defects in your Spanish Property?

A very needed service has come up for people who have had problems with their buildings in Spain. Run by a qualified surveyor, Building Defects Spain will help you to sort out any problems with your building even if there are legal issues. Take a look at their site.

At Building Defects Spain, we provide a ‘one-stop’ service for all your construction related property problems in Spain.

What we offer:

1. Surveys and remedial works management (including appropriate specialist contractor liaison)

2. Dispute resolution and litigation

As a fully qualified and registered (in the UK and Spain) team of professional surveyors and lawyers, who are fluent in Spanish, we can handle your building defect concerns all the way from an initial survey (to see if there really is a problem) to a court action (if necessary) and management of the remedial works.

Go to their website to see more Building Defects Spain

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