Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holidays in Spain and the top four tourist attractions in Spain!

I was surprised by the number one spot in Spain's tourist attractions, will you be?

So, what are the top four tourist attractions in Spain – the ones that have the most visitors per year? Well, as of 2011, they were:

1.  The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (3.7 million visitors).

2.  The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (3.2 million visitors).

3.  The Prado in Madrid (2.9 million visitors).

4.  The Alhambra in Granada (2.3 million visitors).

What a terrific cross-section of the old and new, dispersed right across Spain!

In fact, I think anyone who knows Spain well would probably have had all the above four placed on their list of ‘must-see’ Spanish cultural attractions, albeit possibly in a different order.  Certainly, all are quite incredible and each and every one justifies a visit.

Living in Valencia, I was gratified to see the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia on the list and delighted to see that it made top place.  It is extraordinary and visually quite stunning.  Santiago Calatrava had an astonishing vision and it says much for the confidence of Valencia that the city embarked upon this massive, revitalisation project – let alone executed it.

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