Friday, February 17, 2012

Central And Good Value Valencia Flat For Sale

If you are looking for a decent city centre project in Valencia that has potential to rent out at a good rate after changing a few things at a very good price then this apartment may fit the bill. It isn't the most elegant building but the location is excellent and the price per square metre is well below comparable properties in the area. Might be interested in a sneaky lower offer too, you never know. 

Take a look and get in touch if you feel that it may suit your needs.

Yesterday I was taking a look at another attic flat on Calle Cabelleros and it was a total mess as the owner is doing it up. However it has great potential and has been reduced in price greatly. By next week i should have some decent photos because he might well have finished cleaning and adding a second bedroom. Keep in touch because flats with outside space like this in the centre of Valencia don't come up that often at this price. 

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