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Tourism in Spain 2011

More good news on the tourist front for Spain

Tourism in Spain 2011



There was an interesting article about tourism in Spain today in Levante (a Spanish newspaper covering the Levant).

In January Exelter, a Spanish tourist association, predicted a growth in tourism in Spain, this year, of 1% – which they have now revised to 2%.  This is almost two and a half times greater than that predicted by the Bank of Spain.

Of course, you may think that a 1 or 2 percentage point increase for tourism in Spain may not seem very much – and hardly something to broadcast gleefully.  However, that would not take into account the fact that Spain receives some 53 million visitors a year (most of them holidaymakers).

So, 1% more visitors equals some half a million more people coming to Spain!

Of course, the half million or so additional visitors to Spain will not be just spending ‘good’ money but they will be also injecting money from outside Spain into the country. Never was this more needed than now with the Spanish economy in a fearfully poor state.

In short, the article is confirming what I wrote awhile ago about holidays in Spain and that Spain will be able to take advantage of the political disturbances in North Africa – particularly in Eqypt and Tunisia.  Both of the latter countries have beome popular tourist havens over the past few years and have been offering sometimes ‘better’ value for money than Spain to holidaymakers.  This, of course, this has not been helpful to the tourist industry in Spain.

Unfortunately, the good news about the predicted increase in Spanish tourism is tempered, in the Levante article, by a comment that the prices charged by hotels and restaurants etc. are still falling.  This is despite rising labour and energy costs.  So, although the demand for holidays in Spain is due to increase – this is yet to impact on the Spanish tourist industry’s profitability.

Well, of course, as someone looking at holidays in Spain the last thing of interest to you is the profitability or lack thereof – of the tourist industry in Spain!

What you want is a cheap holiday or, at the very least, excellent value for money – alongside the security of knowing that your longed-for holiday will not be endangered by politial unrest.

The good news is that Spain is showing no signs of violent political unrest and, better still, has been forced into dropping its tourist related prices.  So, if you are looking for a summer holiday that will be safe and good value then you could do a lot worse than having your holiday in Spain this year.

Certainly, I have no doubts that Spain will be able to absorb the hoped for 1% increase in business and I doubt that your holiday in Spain will be adversely affected, if you chose your location carefully…


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