Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spain and the end of the road for Eta | Fernando Reinares

Now if this paragraph doesn't confuse you nothing ever will. 

"Eta's impairment could have been much more rapid had French co-operation started sooner and in a more determined manner. It also would have helped if the Basque Nationalist party (PNV) had not taken so long to start calling terrorists by their name. As recently as 1998, the PNV entered into an alliance with nationalist non-democratic entities, as opposed to the democratic non-nationalist Basque forces. In the Basque government, which they controlled for nearly three decades, moderate nationalists stood out for their lack of action against Eta and for the socialisation of sectors of Basque youths pursuing violent separatism. They also scorned the victims of Eta. These conducts are in contrast with the pro-constitution policy developed since 2009 by the governing Basque Socialist party, with the support of the People's party in the Basque country."

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