Saturday, February 19, 2011

Las Fallas Valencia, a ‘must-see’ fiesta!

Las Fallas Valencia, a ‘must-see’ fiesta!



Las Fallas is nearly upon us – and it is one of the most extraordinary fiestas in Spain!

Although the work up to Las Fallas is already starting now, the climax does not occur until the 15th – 19th of March, so you have plenty of time to book a flight to Spain and come over to see it.

But what is Las Fallas – you may well be asking?

Well, for a complete and extensive breakdown of Las Fallas, its history, what happens and where, have a look at this extensive article on Las Fallas. Once you have read it, I am sure that you will be convinced that it is something really worth going to!

Certainly, after having seen it eight times, I can assure you that Las Fallas is one of the fiestas in Spain not to be missed under any account.  It will take your breath away and remain in your mind as one of the most bizarre, fun and crazy events that you will ever have experienced!!

Meanwhile, on other matters, you may remember seeing a recent Post here called The Spanish property crash – was this what was really happening?  Well, I suspect that my co-writer Graham Hunt and I were not so far off the mark, as you can see from this article.

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