Monday, January 19, 2009

Google Trends and the strange case of MK.

I have just done a search for Valencia Property on Google trends and some interesting facts came out of it.

Firstly, whenever there is a big event in Valencia the searches peak amazingly.

Secondly there is a downward line since 2005 which was only to be expected as prices got higher and fewer people from the Uk could afford it.

Thirdly, and this is very interesting, more people from Ireland are searching than from the UK. Could this mean that the Ryanair effect is greater than I thought?

And lastly just the weirdest stat, the largest number of requests come from Valencia of course and the third is Dublin, a big city, however London is not second as I anticipated it is only tenth just behind Poplar! The weirdest thing is that Milton Keynes is second. Has anyone got any ideas why that could be? Is there a huge server database or something in plastic cow land or is it just so awful that Valencia and anywhere else on the Mediterranean will see the same results? (Sorry if you live in Milton Keynes because the likelihood is that you will find this page)

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