Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling So Bohemian Like You. Cool House in Valencia for sale

Sometimes you find a house or flat that is a little different and you just know that loads of people will like it but selling it will be like finding hen's teeth because it requires a certain type of client. This house may be one of them. There are a few reasons but first suffice to say that I really, really liked it when I took photos yesterday.

The basics are as follows, 180m2 house, although it seems more with the huge open spaces it has, 200m2 plot in the heart of the Cabañal area of Valencia right near to the America's Cup Port and Formula One track. These whole houses come up for sale rarely as they are usually divided into two. There are 2 or three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge ground floor living area with kitchen and dining area along with a pool table that doubles as a dining table, large outside patio behind and enormous windows at the back allowing lots of light. There is a terrace on the first floor and a raised circular bath with hydromassage looking out onto the terrace. The house has underfloor heating throughout and was remodelled around four years ago.

As everything is open plan and the ceilings are more than just high, upstairs you could probably put a trampoline in and not worry, the feeling of space is excellent. So if you want something different in a neighbourhood full of life and near all of the big events you really should take a look at this house priced at 380k Euros.

So if you are Bohemian Like Me, see video below, then maybe you will take this great house on.

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