Friday, December 29, 2006

What do you want in a house in Spain?

When you think about what you want in a house in Spain you think of outside space, a good pool, large interior spaces and terraces. What you may not think of is shared facilities, you may insist on having your own pool. We have noticed that people who have been here for a time are starting to move into towns and they like small complexes with shared facilities because they realise that it is a bit easier to have a pool you dont have to look after and to have shops and transport facilities nearby. Living on an estate is great if you have transport as most estates do not have shops and facilities and are located too far out of town to be walking distance.

Here then is a selection of our houses with shared facilities, all have a pool, all have gardens and some have their own garden areas as well as the common areas.
Prices range from 235000 Euros to 365000 Euros for those properties shown and all are within walking distance of towns or shopping and leisure facilties.

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