Monday, December 11, 2006

More Trends

The BBC is today reporting on trends in Brits living abroad and why. Here is the report on Spain. There are now 990000 people in Spain, if part time residents are included, but if you look at the concentrations on the coasts, especially in the Alicante and Costa del Sol regions you can still find yourself living in the real Spain. Here in La Pobla de Vallbona according to the latest census there are fewer than 20 British residents out of a population of 17000 and even in an area such as Villamarchante where a lot of foreign buyers have settled there are still fewer than 300 permanent British residents.

The trends also suggest that more and more younger professionals are moving here taking advantage of the ability to work from home due to the internet and more liberal professions. Therefore it is important to consider location and communications above all when choosing a property and Valencia Property helps you to do this.

Frankly there are areas in Alicante where the only permanent residents are almost all foreign and the chance of hearing a Spanish voice is negligible. However we now find that people who have been here for some time are now moving into the towns and cities as they discover that they want everything to hand. If you are happy to use the car then by all means buy a house that is on an estate otherwise bear in mind that most small towns in Spain have everything to hand within walking distance because they are compact with flats rather than having urban sprawl. This also means you can get out of the town very easily and be walking in the countryside in just a few minutes.

To illustrate this point I have attached photos of a couple of places within walking distance of a town or village and a flat within the city of Valencia. All offer good value, great areas and a good standard of living. Prices of those illustrated range from 135000 Euros up to 300000 Euros and areas are Casinos, Gatova,
Lliria and Valencia itself.

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