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Graham tells us why work in Spain must change | The CV35 English speaking people in Valencia, Spain

graham hunt expert blogger

This guest blog was written for the CV35 website last year by me and examines current problems with employment and entrepreneurship and business growth in Spain and looks at some ideas to address them.

Graham writes: “I thought I would start this little article on work in Spain by telling you a few salient facts about Spain:”

Work in Spain

1. Unemployment currently stands at 22.9%. I estimate a rate of 25-26% within a year if nothing is done due to the swinging cuts being proposed.

2. To set up your own business costs an initial monthly cost of at least 450 Euros with an on-going monthly cost of 350 Euros, even if you do not require office space or a place of work. Compare this with the UK where self employment costs 120 pounds per year or Holland where it is 240 Euros per year!

3. If you are self-employed, you do not qualify for any unemployment benefit if things don’t work out.

4. Entrepreneurs risk everything on starting up a business because if the business fails then they are labelled failures and never again will they be able to get funds for a second attempt – as they are placed on the credit blacklists for the rest of time.Most business successes are born out of previous failure. It is highly unusual for someone to hit a home run first time out. The penalties for failure are too onerous in Spain and discourage experimentation. People stick to proven formulae rather than trying something new.

You can read the rest here.

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