Friday, September 07, 2012

Postcard of thanks from a Visitor to Valencia - haspain's posterous

Just love this taken from Toni's Holiday Accommodation in Spain site.

Thank you for having me for the long weekend break, it was amazing!

Valencia is beautiful, having burnt myself on the first day turned out to be a blessing, meaning I didn´t want to spend the rest of my days on the gorgeous beaches, I actually got to see a good part of Valencia too!

The city centre is beautiful, so relaxed, mooching from plaza to plaza, ok a nice cool lager on each was a must, but isn´t obligatory, but it certainly helped! I didn´t even buy anything, think its the first time in a city where I was happy to just wander and admire the buildings and scenery without wanting to go into the shops and spend a fortune!

The City of Arts and Sciences was more stunning than I imagined it would be, I had seen photos in the brochures, but walking around it I was awe struck, so many photos to sort through now!

And of course as you so rightly recommended.. the Bioparc Zoo... what a great day out that was, sat on the terrace of the cafe having a "coke!" whilst the giraffes and antelope were going about there daily lives right in front of us. Just like being on safari in Africa. The whole setting of the place is so picturesque.

And I can´t say enough about the nightlife!.. the flamenco night was an eye opener, never really taken to that sort of music, but seeing it in real life, and the passion they put into the dancing, so glad to have witnessed it. As for the "locals bars", you have such a great selection in your "barrio" as you call it, we didn´t need to hit the "real" scene, although judging by the atmospere on the promenade and in the street market at 3am, I can imagine the bars and discos were heaving.

Once again a big thank you for your hopsitality, and i won´t be leaving it 4 years until we meet again my friend.


A Valencia Fan!


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