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The Battle For Spanish Society | Entrepreneur Solo

Here is another longer post I put together for my other blog, Entrepreneur Solo. The Battle for Spanish Society talks about how Spain faces the problem from a brain drain, a lack of leadership and a huge loss of confidence. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. 


I wrote this article while editorialising for my new magazine, Spain is Different. However it needed to be expanded upon and explained fully and the obvious place to place it wasn’t apparent. In the end I decided that here was as good a place as any, a blog about being an entrepreneur in Spain.

So here we go, enjoy and comment.

Spain is at a crossroads, a place where the next moves forward could determine a lot of future outcomes for better or worse. Spain is in a fully blown crisis both of the economy and also of confidence. Spain needs change and that change cannot come too soon.

However Spain also has good raw materials. When you have good raw materials you just have to to put them together well into something that is worth it. Spain has those raw materials in my opinion but can it mix them together well, I am not too sure of that.

Let’s look at something that may help you to understand the last point in the article. If something is approached in the right way there is usually a good outcome.

If you give everyone the ingredients and the instructions to bake a cake it is likely that you will get ten very different tasting, and looking, cakes. Some will be good, some bad and some, mine included probably, very indifferent, or possibly burnt.

If you bring ten different people to Spain they will have ten different viewpoints and ten different experiences. Their reaction to Spain will depend on their cultural background, their education level, their likes and dislikes and even how they felt on that day. Six may enjoy it, a couple may think “meh” and a couple may hate it. It all depends on what they are presented with really and whether that suits their personality and tastes. However if Spain presents the right raw materials to the right people in the right way then there is really no reason not to enjoy it. However there is, in the end, no accounting for tastes.

What Are The Raw Materials or ingredients of Spain?

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