Thursday, April 22, 2010

Houses For Sale In Spain April Newsletter

This month I have had time to actually get a newsletter prepared. If you are on my list you already know this because you got it a couple of days ago of course. (If you are not on the list just click on the "Sign Up For The Newsletter" tab above or here to get on it and get this, podcasts and much more earlier or exclusively.)

Anyway this month there are two choices. The full version is 22mb and may take some time to download but you can anyway at this first link or by clicking on the picture.

Houses For Sale In Spain April Newsletter

Upgrading to Spain Newsletter April

The second link will take you to the lite version. Yes just like Coke we have a light version. However it has not got any less content it is just less visually appealing as the photos and images have been scaled back. It is just 1mb.

Upgrading to Spain April Newsletter Lite Version

Which one are you going to download? They can both be viewed in PDF versions and will give you an excellent read, watch, through the video links and food for thought if you are thinking of buying a property in Spain, coming to live in Spain or are already here.

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