Monday, December 21, 2009

Confessions Of An Estate Agent

Welcome to the first chapter of the Confessions of an Estate Agent, part of the Audiobooks that I made a few month ago. The introduction will come at a later date but this part will tell you how the situation came up that 1 in 400 people in Madrid was working as an Estate Agent in 2006, how the mind of the Spanish seller often works and how much money you are actually paying in commissions to the agents involved. It tells you how Spanish Estate Agents work, the tips, tricks and terrors you need to avoid in order to get a Spanish property at the best price and how an ethical estate agency can work for you too.


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The audiobook has six chapters in total and then there are currently 19 audio interviews of people who have made a success of their move to Spain. These interviews are the main part of the Audiobook series and this part of the monologue is just a small part. To see more about the product and how it can save you thousands when you purchase a Spanish Property go to the download pages and sales page here. You can watch videos about the content of the audiobooks and judge for yourself how much money this will save you in the future when you buy a property in Spain whether that is through my services or through any other agent.

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