Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Day For Valencia

Apparently the Valencia Grand Prix went well and looked good on TV and a new contract has been signed to guarantee the event for the next five years. If we ignore the politics around this, the local Government has put up the money to save the backside of the private company that was organising it, the decision to change the date to October rather than August might well bear fruit as not so many people will be away from the City unlike in August. However they seem to have forgotten one thing, the dreaded Gota Fria.

The Gota Fria is a huge monsoon like breaking of the summer that happens around September/October time and is a localised event, ie Valencia alone. Let's just hope that it doesn't coincide with one of the races. However I think the crowds will appreciate more getting soaked rather than roasted on metal stands in the middle of August as happened last year and this.

Now August can be given over to what it is supposed to be for, closing the whole of the country for a month.

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